Sun + Roof Access = Grilling!

grilled kabobsThe sunny weather means that it’s grilling season! To celebrate, the other night, we had some friends over to barbecue. I’ll admit– this is an area where Sam takes over a lot of the cooking. We made kabobs, since it was easy to make some with meat (beef– including beef heart, purchased at the Meat Hook), some with fish (swordfish and shrimp, from the Metropolitan Fish Market) and some all veg– mushrooms, onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes. Sam made a marinade for the beef with olive oil, garlic, red wine and fresh herbs, and one for the fish with olive oil, lime juice, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs and then we placed everything on skewers. There’s no real recipe here– the key is just to put all like things on skewers together, so that nothing is over or undercooked.

The result was delicious– I’d forgotten about the great charred flavor that grilling on charcoal adds to anything– meat, fish or vegetable. I made a big dish of brown basmati rice, fried plantains, and mango and chipotle salsas to serve with everything.