Dill Crêpes Stuffed with Smoked Salmon

  For Christmas, Sam purchased crêpe spreaders as a present for his sister. But, since they came in a package of 10 or so, and as yet, she has no plans to open a… Continue reading

Spinach Mushroom Calzones

Last night’s storm of thunder, lightening, snow and hail had me craving something warm and filling and Italian– something that felt cozy and would go well with a glass of red wine. I… Continue reading

Green Sauce like Tina’s

Last month, Sam and I had lunch at his favorite Cuban restaurant, Tina’s, in Midtown. Sam advised me to get “extra green sauce” with whatever I ordered. I’m glad I took his advice.… Continue reading

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese: An American Classic

Spring is almost here, but it’s still a bit chilly. There’s no better way to get cozy than with a bowl of soup. Inspired by the Campbell’s tomato soup and Kraft grilled cheeses… Continue reading

Jerusalem Artichokes: Not artichokes, not from Jerusalem

Last week, Sam and I were at the market searching for a vegetable to have with our dinner, and came across jerusalem artichokes. Also called sunchokes, their name is a bit of a… Continue reading

Braised Red Cabbage

Last week, Elaine Louie did a piece on the wonders of cabbage in her NY Times column, “The Temporary Vegetarian.” It’s cheap! It can be stored for a long time! And when properly… Continue reading

Homemade Marshmallows

This past week has been COLD. In this weather, there’s nothing cozier than curling up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa. And no cocoa is complete without marshmallows. These homemade… Continue reading

Greek Pizza

Vinnie’s Pizza, in Greenpoint, makes a delicious specialty pizza that they call “The Farmer’s Daughter,” with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, portabellas, and goat cheese. Inspired by it, I decided to make my own… Continue reading

Asparagus-Shitake Side

Continuing with Mediterranean week, last night I made fish with rice, and a stand-out side of asparagus, shitakes, and grape tomatoes. I wanted something colorful and green to round out the meal and… Continue reading

Mediterranean Week begins: Baked Falafel in Pita Pockets

This week, Sam and I are cooking Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. We have stocked our pantry and fridge with eggplant, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, dill, and feta, and plan to use these things for all… Continue reading